Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hands of Time

Hands of Time

Wish I could turn back the hands of time,
Maybe then I'd find out the reason why
You're not mine

For all the years I've spent trying, dying

Wondering if it's worth the fight
I'm not lying

Or maybe this is the way it was meant to be
Maybe I'm the classic sucker
Falling hopelessly

I can't seem to keep a guard built
A fortress wall
To repel the guilt
The hurt and the pain
The shame that's been caused
I wonder if it was even worth it all

But I shouldn't

Never should really think of it that way
Because I don't regret
No, not to this day
I loved you so much and everything we had
I loved it all, babe
And I swear I meant nothing bad

You were great
And we were great
There's nothing I would change
No matter how much I had to suffocate

Battles gone
We're waging wars
I sometimes wonder
What was it like before

Before we grew vile
Before we got numb
Before the pain and suffering
And the feeling that comes

When we shout
When we cry
When we're out and about
And we feel the need to die

But we can't

We won't survive
This feeling I have
Takes the life I can't revive

I'm sorry for whatever I've caused
I'm sorry for anything you've lost
I'm sorry for how the way I've been
Towards you, towards everything

Maybe if I turn back the hands of time
Maybe then I'd find out the reason you're not mine

But I don't need that
I don't need those powers
I don't need the reminder of what I lost
Of what was once ours

I'm still sorry for everything
Even if you forgive me
Because I can't replace the hurt
I can only start with a new beginning

All of it, with you, here
If you were only here to start
But since you're not...
Because you're not really here...
I'm glad you're in a better place
While I'm here, stuck with the fear
Of never loving again...
Of never losing again

I'm sorry I wasn't good enough
But I'm glad you're able to love again

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