Thursday, January 24, 2013

2. How does it happen?

How does it happen?

How does what happen? True love? It doesn't...

Why? Because it develops over time...

There's just no other way for it to 'just happen'.

Scoff all you want, but you'll never find yourself falling into love someone just because they brought back your heel from that dance last night. Prince charming is just part of a fairy tale...

That's not to say he's fictional. This guy can certainly just waltz his way into your life without warning, yet you may not even realize he already exists in your life (for those who can't seem to think outside this fairy tale box)! This same scenario goes for guys and gays, but they don't have a Disney reference yet (wink).

This concept applies to everyone.

True love is not a feeling of mere lust, like most individuals seem to assume... Yeah, you are attracted to an individual physically, but this person's intellect is what REALLY connects you both indefinitely... And how do you get to understand someone else's intellect? Only by communication -- which, by the way, can only be performed through the essence of time...

What I'm basically saying is that you need to spend time with someone in order to see if they're intellectually compatible with you. It's just like how you make a new friend. Seriously, think about it... This is how we make friends with people, by sharing our thoughts!

True love is based off a friendship because this type of [friendship] relationship is built off trust and communication. If you make a keen observation at all of your close friendships, there is a certain level of trust that you have with every person individually. Some levels are low, and other levels of trust can soar into places so far that you would entrust this individual with your life and never pass any doubt over this decision because he/she is so close to you.

This is true love!

Yes, I just said true love exists with your very closest friends and family. However, there is a fine line between your relationship to an individual mentally and physically versus your relationship with a friend or family... This feeling of true love is you wanting to spend the rest of your life and almost every waking moment joined with this person for eternity. But how do you get to that stage in the relationship?

There's no step-by-step process. It's all seemingly random, yet things fall into place when you are with this person and those random events seem sensible when this person is present in your life. There's no way I can tell you exactly how true love happens because every coupling relationship is different... Everything varies, and I certainly don't have the authority to govern everyone's love lives. However, I can tell you the basis of how it happens:

You can't fall in love with someone by staring at them across the room.

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