Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Top 10 FAQ About True Love


I'm glad you're interested in enlightening yourself to the world's most intimate subject. Here, I have accumulated a short list of 10 common skeptical questions based on discovering the truth behind what true love actually is, and what it means for you, as my reader and as a human being in general.

Let me be honest and warn you that this is not a typical blog, nor your average list of questions where you expect simple and short answers. Let me be clear with you; this will not be a Yahoo article, nor an infomercial blogpost. No - This is my FREE short novel made personally just for YOU. Why? Because I want you to realize how sappy and romantically hopeless your life will be by being in love and experiencing the acts of lust that will only turn out to be a painful journey...

Calm down, I'm just kidding. This subject is always a happy thought, whether you think so or not! I mean, pain is bound to happen sometime and time again, but even then you should really be grateful for whatever you experience as long as you're alive. Those are words from a soldier, and it doesn't matter what age you are for you to understand. Continuing on a serious note, I want to shine a light into a new world, and give you a new way of viewing the grey and foggy world you're currently living in. I want to change your reality, alter your way of thinking, and improve your lifestyle for the better. I will change the way you see, feel, eat, think and breathe. And, hey, this is where it starts! You're in the right place to seek advice. Just know that all I ask is for your undivided attention. And now that I have it, let's get to the point here...

The following list of "True Love" questions comes from varying sources through different resources, such as search engines, facebook comments, tweets, youtube videos, youtube responses, vlogs, articles, and more. Basically counterbalancing all sorts of opinions from different people on the internet. I am often asked for relationship advice, so I have taken it upon myself to provide my service to you at no cost. Like I said before, lovely reader, I want to enlighten you into a world of bliss and happiness, where only the free can roam.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Timeless Concept

  The moment we meet a stranger, we immediately begin to calculate. We observe, identify, and analyze the obvious and physical aspects of the stranger within a matter of seconds. Instinct, our body's reaction to meeting this stranger, is what determines our compatibility. The vibe - the instinct - that we get from this stranger could be anything from sexual arousal to immediate disgust. Most people nonchalantly disregard this nondescript vibe and continue on with their lives simply because it is a first encounter; and, frankly, what significance does a first encounter have, right? It shouldn't mean anything. But there is a reason as to why we care about who we meet; we care about the first encounter with this individual before we even get to know the person. There is a factor of life that everyone wants, that everyone longs for, but not everyone has it. This factor of life is one that everybody wants to have all for themselves... It is a factor that is life-changing, and that factor is called love.

True love, to be exact.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Einstein - Science vs Faith

Interesting story to read in which I have found on this website. It is a quick discussion, between Professor and student in classroom setting, where they put out a test of science versus religion and faith. I am not a religious person, but found this excerpt to be interesting in its philosophical attributes. Enjoy!