Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Timeless Concept

  The moment we meet a stranger, we immediately begin to calculate. We observe, identify, and analyze the obvious and physical aspects of the stranger within a matter of seconds. Instinct, our body's reaction to meeting this stranger, is what determines our compatibility. The vibe - the instinct - that we get from this stranger could be anything from sexual arousal to immediate disgust. Most people nonchalantly disregard this nondescript vibe and continue on with their lives simply because it is a first encounter; and, frankly, what significance does a first encounter have, right? It shouldn't mean anything. But there is a reason as to why we care about who we meet; we care about the first encounter with this individual before we even get to know the person. There is a factor of life that everyone wants, that everyone longs for, but not everyone has it. This factor of life is one that everybody wants to have all for themselves... It is a factor that is life-changing, and that factor is called love.

True love, to be exact.

  It's an undoubtedly selfish feeling - the desire to be loved. Everyone wants it, but not everyone has it - and the reason being as to why not everyone has love in their life is simply because not everyone is ready for it. There are plenty of "reasons" as to why someone is not ready to have true love stride right onto their doorstep and tap a soft but hearty knock out of the blue. Every individual is different, and so every reason will be different as to why you're not ready for true love.

Don't deny it.

  There is either 1) an excuse, 2) an argument, or 3) a rationalized answer as to why you can't, haven't, or won't find true love. There are some people (and this may be you) who think that because everyone who surrounds them is a couple, then they are just meant to be alone; or there's such a longing for true love within themselves that it needs to be fulfilled, as if nothing else in life mattered, because once true love comes your way then your life is complete; or you figure you're just that one out of a million that will live their life forever alone... So, it seems practically impossible to fathom the concept of true love, coming out of nowhere, walking into someone's life and miraculously changing it for the better. That is, until it happens to you.
  Grow a pair, and move on. Your aim in life is not to find true love. You, nor anyone else born on this planet, is not meant to spend their life searching for a soul mate. Yes, I am Debby Downing here, but that is reality, and that is life. I promise that you cannot find true love if it is the only thing on your mind. It's terribly cliché, but you will never find true love. True love finds you.
When it happens, then you believe. Until then, true love is a mystery, and you are left to realize that you're just like the rest of us: a miserable, self-loathing, pitiful, and hopeless romantic. And hey, nobody said this blog was going to be a positive one. Although, I can say that positivity, my dear reader, can only be seen and taken into perspective by the watchful eye, the open heart and the open mind. So, I daresay, if you keep yourself open to the possibilities which come with an open mind and an open heart and a watchful eye, then I will grant your wish to see the meaning behind your endless search for true love. Let's keep it a secret between you and me, though. I would appreciate it very much if the whole world didn't know about this nuance of true love which has existed throughout ancient history. Thanks.

  The following of what you're about to read are a series of questions most people ask themselves privately when it comes to finding a soul mate. These are the kinds of questions that are asked to one's self in the middle of the night, when you're lying on your backside, and contemplating on the justices and injustices of your personal life. The list of questions isn't finished, so you can add onto the list by commenting, but these are the questions that will be discussed in future posts, and I look forward to everyone's responses and reactions to my new blog, as well as other *true love* related questions which can also be discussed in my future posts...

1. What is true love?
2. How does it just happen?
3. Why hasn't it happened to me yet?
4. How do I fall back into love? (In the case that it has happened, but you lost it)
5. I'm not meant to have a soul mate/ I don't deserve love/ I don't believe in true love. So, why should I bother?
This list of questions should be longer, so I sincerely urge the online community to provide some input.
I will leave you with this poem I wrote last night. I'll be back later this week. Enjoy.

"To love, and to be loved.
To learn, and to be taught.
To see, and to be seen.
To be, and to become.
But to lose, and to be lost...
To burn, and to be burned.
To regret, and to be regretted.
And to lose what was never before found.
To forget, and to be forgotten.
To give, but never given.
To find, and to be found.
To be honest, and to be rotten.
To rejoice, and to reconcile.
To forgive, and to be forgiven.
To be happy, and to have been happy.
To live completely, and to completely live.
But to live, but to live...
Is to love, and to be loved."


  1. I like the new blog, Emily! True love happened to me when I wasn't looking for it at all, when I was working on Wall Street in a job I hated. There were other times in my life when I was looking for it much harder and never found it, so I think there's a lot of truth to what you say here. Look forward to reading more of your posts!

    1. Thank you, Andrew. I'm so glad that true love has found its way to you! I look forward to elaborating on the subject, seeing as many people can relate to it. Thanks for the support, and I look forward to your future participation!