Thursday, July 26, 2012

Unworldly Kiss

Tired of all the hype and sounds
I'm feeling pressure all around myself
And I can barely feel the ground
Below, I try to understand
But continue to show
Signs that undermine
My state of mind

You're intertwined in all of this

Unworldly kiss

A kiss of bliss

Still tasting it

Your hips, those lips

I try to free myself,
let go of all the shame I had, I know
It's hard to fear the same way too
I had a second thought
Who knew?

The world would try to keep changing me
and I could see the change in me
My mother, please forgive me
For sins I could have blatantly

The world, exploited
Down to the nitty,
Let me breathe it in
I want to feel this city

Take me, and every
Word from me
Break me into tears I say
The skies,
they turn from blue to grey
But Still I stay
In this world
Despite the dismay

And you can venture in
To tell me how you've lived alone
But I can tell you one thing
I've come to call my own

And I can say it's fine
All Mine
I'm tired of being home,
But when you say the time's just right,
I want to take you home

Keep me in your thoughts


You'll see
We're simply meant to be this free
We've tried so hard to understand
but nothing gives enough to breathe

Show me love
and show me light
as I fall into your arms tonight

I want to feel your breath
And you, in all of this
Skin tight

Brush up those thighs
Kiss those lips

Another one,
Unworldly kiss

Take me as I am
You'll see
That you belong as a part of me

We end the night
With words so warm
I stay with you
throughout the storm


I want to be with you for Now and for ever-
I have what's good and
In store for you
So give me love
And show me light
I want to rule your world tonight

Love so lost
Yet no pity found
Beneath the sheets
You lie confound
Skin so soft
Can barely speak
These feelings for you
Leave me feeling so weak
Hold you down
As you lift me up
Keep breathing, Keep breathing
As we rise above

And it's fine,
All Mine
Your presence is divine

And so is this...
So much of this:

Provide another,
One... Unworldly kiss

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