Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What is true love?

What is true love?

   Although true love is something every human can certainly relate to (whether that may be positively or negatively), this is still an incredibly difficult concept to accurately define without having some sort of predisposition or bias. Think about it... Everything you know right now is based off experience. You only know what you have seen, said, and done. Then, when faced with something totally new, you have to recap on what you already know in order to accommodate. You evolve with experience, and EVERY individual goes through this. The overall essence of true love really just dwindles down to people and their chemistry... What does that mean?

   Well, let's give an example for the young teens out there... Pretend you are one color (blue), and your 'bestest friend' in the whole wide world is a similar, but different color (baby blue). You are both two people, individual and separate personalities at best, but your colors mesh well when outlined on paper (your interaction and bonding time). It's not a surprise, since you are both so close to each other on the color wheel. Even if you meet someone who exists on the opposing side of the color spectrum (orange), that does not take away from the possibility of forming a bond between you two! To the contrary, as you are ALL in the same color wheel.

   Sure, their color is a little different from yours, but why should that stop you if YOU are the one with the bright aura? Grey isn't that bad, folks. That is a mindset. You can be whatever color you want, it makes no difference when it comes to chemistry. Are you offended because I am referring to skin color, or did you not catch my drift? The truth of the matter is that you are constantly forced to consider skin color since it is the first thing you notice... But why should you reject someone solely based on that? Why not focus on their culture, their heritage, their intelligence? The only time your brain and body truly consider mixing some colors is when reproduction is underway... And if you're just starting out, why does that matter to you? Let me rephrase: If you are together and trying this out, how is your color going to affect the relationship? Race and skin color does not affect a relationship, only your brain does.

   Now, let's give a second example that fits a little better for the adults of the audience... People are like alcoholic beverages. Yeah, you can understand that, right? Some are sweet and fruity, and totally nice to the taste. Others slide down the throat, burning at your tissue and it STILL feels good. Not all alcohol will sit well with you, though. Ain't that the truth?!

   Get it now?

   Having that all of that said and put aside, true love can be defined as someone having an unconditional, unwavering, and selfless admiration towards another human being. Those who have already experienced the nuance of true love can attest to and relate to the subject. If you haven't already felt this way about someone, then you have not found a true love. This is why you are reading, and this is why I am here to help guide you. The concept of true love pertains to an unconditional and unwavering adoration towards someone, and to honor and accept that condition of adoration simply as a way of life without question or objection.

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